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      "Oh, go on!" I answered. "I don't think that I need fear anything of the kind. I am in any case a Netherlander!"

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      have enjoyed our walks to and from classes--particularly from.College is a very satisfying sort of life; the books and study

      A FEW words by way of introduction.No more wounded were taken to the hospitals of Louvain, as it had been decided to send them straight on to Germany for the present; yet there were many wounded men who were being nursed there already, and the doctors had their hands full attending to the wounded who passed the town. Dr. Noyons told me that the previous Sunday a train with 600 wounded had arrived from Northern France, and he and his assistants had been requested "just" to dress the wounds again of some of them. The condition of these unfortunate men must have been awful; not one had a dressing less than eight days old. Most of them had had it on much longer,209 and then these were merely emergency dressings. They were laid on straw in cattle trucks, many of them even in filth, and infection had worsened their condition to a great extent. Dr. Noyons and his colleagues tried to give the poor fellows as much relief as possible, but as a matter of course they could not do very much during a short stay at a station.

      You see that Lock Willow isn't entirely lacking in society.John Grier Home. How relieved they'll be when five o'clock comes

      "Have you got papers?"





      "No; the Virgin Mary."